Hey, I am Max!

My name is Max Stahl and I am a 20-year-old web developer, web designer, blogger and hobby photographer. I am able to engineer sites in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, e.g. for static pages or CMS' like Wordpress and Tumblr. In my leisure I am blogging for Deskmodder.de which is a German online portal for nearly everything about technology.


Grundschule Liegau-Augustusbad (Implementation - Wordpress - and Design)
Förderverein Grundschule Liegau (Design)


Deskmodder.de (Editor | Since 2015)
Kinder- und Jugendstadtrat Radeberg (Chief Executive | 2014 - 2017)

Contact me:
Max Stahl
contact(at - @)mximum.com
(Address and telephone number only on request.)